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      I purchased 2 of these last December 2016 to run 1 door access program at my kids daycare to replace some old win xp towers. This software only takes up less than 50 mb of space. About a month ago windows updates started failing due to lack of storage space to do windows update. I was down to about 3 to 4 gb of storage. I removed all the win10 bloatware and other software not needed that was preloaded. This brought me to 8 to 9 gb of hard drive space left. I hooked up some 20gb hard drives externally to both of these machines to help windows updates along. Doesn’t seem to want to continuing seeing external drives each time a major windows update occurs. Would using the microsd storage be a better solution?

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      You will just end up pulling your hair out. Install Mint Linux 18.3 and you’re gonna be very pleased. Approx 11-14 gb of space free AFTER all updates and software that you choose, for free. Future Windows 10 Home updates are just impractical for such a small drive and it is not something I have seen a fix for.

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      The small disk size has become a serious, perhaps fatal, problem for this device.

      Unix is not really a practical solution for most people. A lot of software won’t run on it and it requires a completely different and more complex set of administration knowledge.

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      Plug in a 32g or larger flash drive or a USB external hard drive. Windows will use the external drive for its temporary files.


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      I did that and it didn’t work. It seems to require 20GB on the C drive.

      It is possible to change the C drive to a bootable external drive, but the USB connection speed is horrendous.

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