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      Or, at least that’s what I think is happening.

      Things seemed to go south when I plugged my Android phone into a USB station feeding into my Byte. The screen filled with rectangles each filled with static but a power off reset returned what seemed to be normal operation but Amazon Music wouldn’t load. Removed and reloaded Music but it still wouldn’t load AND now activity in any open folder isn’t updated unless I hit the folder’s Refresh button. Files either input into or moved/deleted from any folder or even renamed out just don’t show changes until the folder is refreshed.

      Poked around and found that the Search Services aren’t starting. Followed some Microsoft guides, found the service in Settings, saw that the status was “Starting” and, per Microsoft directions, set the Search Services start button from “Automatic (Delayed)” to “Automatic”. Saved the settings, got out and rebooted the computer. No change to either the operation of the computer but the Search Services remain in the “Starting” status and won’t change.

      Guesses for grabs.

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