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    Stuck in a Deep Freeze

    Today, I successfully installed the massive Windows 10 – 1903 update on my Byte3 HTPC, thru “Windows Update”.
    But I need to mention a few caveats.

    1. Last month, I copied the Windows 10 OS from the 32 GB eMMC motherboard chip, to a new internal 256 GB SSD, so I had plenty of free space.
    (If you try to install this update on the 32 GB eMMC chip it will probably choke and croak.)

    OS migration help:

    2. Be very patient.
    “Getting Windows ready” took 20 minutes to complete.
    “Downloading” took 30 minutes to complete.
    “Installing” took 90 minutes to complete. During the installation, my HDMI screen went dark (to update the video driver) and automatically returned after 60 minutes (don’t panic, if fact, don’t do anything.)

    3. The BIOS boot settings returned to the default “Windows Boot Manager”, so I had to change it back again to boot off my internal SSD.

    4. The two pesky .NET updates which had failed to install previously, now install properly.

    5. If you want to disable the new Window 10 blurred lock screen, this solution worked for me:

    (I’m no longer “stuck in a deep freeze”.)

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    Victor Genao

    As a reference for anyone else having issues with Windows 10 1903, it is recommended to use the new factory restore media located at:

    This will have all the proper drivers already in place and is the image current production is shipping with.

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