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      Stuck in a Deep Freeze

      Today, I successfully installed the massive Windows 10 – 1903 update on my Byte3 HTPC, thru “Windows Update”.
      But I need to mention a few caveats.

      1. Last month, I copied the Windows 10 OS from the 32 GB eMMC motherboard chip, to a new internal 256 GB SSD, so I had plenty of free space.
      (If you try to install this update on the 32 GB eMMC chip it will probably choke and croak.)

      OS migration help:

      2. Be very patient.
      “Getting Windows ready” took 20 minutes to complete.
      “Downloading” took 30 minutes to complete.
      “Installing” took 90 minutes to complete. During the installation, my HDMI screen went dark (to update the video driver) and automatically returned after 60 minutes (don’t panic, if fact, don’t do anything.)

      3. The BIOS boot settings returned to the default “Windows Boot Manager”, so I had to change it back again to boot off my internal SSD.

      4. The two pesky .NET updates which had failed to install previously, now install properly.

      5. If you want to disable the new Window 10 blurred lock screen, this solution worked for me:

      (I’m no longer “stuck in a deep freeze”.)

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      Victor Genao

      As a reference for anyone else having issues with Windows 10 1903, it is recommended to use the new factory restore media located at:

      This will have all the proper drivers already in place and is the image current production is shipping with.

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        I just bought a Byte3 (4MB RAM 32 GB storage). I installed windows, but it kept failing trying to install the 1903 update. I suspected it didn’t have enough drive space, so I added a 128GB M.2 drive. It showed up in This PC, but still wouldn’t update. I went through the steps to migrate the OS. It booted on the 128 GB drive, which now showed as drive C: – so far, so good.

        I decided to re-partition and format the 32 GB drive. Now when I boot, I get “Your PC/Device needs to be repaired (Screenshot 1). I decided to start over, so I downloaded, created an iso image of the contents. I made a bootable USB drive and booted on that. Now I get a command line window that says, “Map drive letter for inside eMMC/SATA” and gives me the prompt X:\windows\system32>.

        How do I do a factory restore?

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        Victor Genao


        The recommended method of preparing the USB for restoring is:

        1 – Download our factory restore media file from our FTP:

        2 – Prepare a USB drive, has to be formatted as NTFS and named WINPE
        3 – Decompress the restore file and copy all files inside the new folder to the root of the USB drive.
        4 – Insert the USB on one of the ports, and boot from it. In order to do that start tapping the DEL key as soon as you turn on the device. Once in the BIOS (the blueish screen) move to the last tab Save & Exit and override the boot selecting your USB.
        5 – Wait that the process finish, reboot the computer and you will be received with the new Windows

        You can watch this video from the Factory restore for the Quantum units as a visual idea:

        Please see attached image, this shows how the file structure of your USB device should look.

        Creating an ISO is not necessary, it uses UEFI to boot.


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      I tried restoring my Byte3 again with a new iso file, and this time it worked. I guess I had a corrupted iso file the first time. I also successfully migrated the OS to the M.2 drive. It’s in the process of doing the update that failed before (KB4517389), and it seems to be working so far.

      There are 3 partitions on each of the two drives. Partition 1 on the M.2 drive shows up as SYSTEM (D:) in Windows Explorer now, but nothing from the 32 GB drive. That seems odd to me, but is it best to leave everything the way it is and just ignore drive D: and forget about the 32 GB drive? I don’t want to screw it up again.

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      Stuck in a Deep Freeze

      After OS migration, my Byte3 developed a random “Boot Priority” problem, due to limited inrush current.

      My solution was to enter the Bios/Cmos:

      Select F3 (to optimize defaults)

      Then set:

      Media detect count: 3

      Port 0, SATA Device Type: Hard Disk Drive (even though it’s an SSD.)

      Setup Prompt Timeout: 30

      Quiet Boot: Disabled

      Boot Option #1: (the newly installed drive)

      New Boot Option Policy: Place Last

      Save changes and exit.

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