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    Eddy Jean

    Window 10 is have major issues with the stick , Windows 8.1 work like a charm . I am having issues that WiFi would just disappear . I would reboot the stick and still no WiFi at all , i check my modem /router it working fine since i can see my dual WiFi on my phone . This a major problem with out WiFi my sticks are useless. I ordered two more sticks hopefully they have windows 8. 1 however If they don’t you should put and image or an iso with windows 8.1 so i can revert my sticks form 10 to 8 .

    A loyal but extremely frustrated customer ,


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    I’ve had the same issue , it’s usually fine but then tonight I turned it on and there no wifi existence anywhere just a Red Cross on the toolbar in right hand corner – have you had any joy? Did you do the chipset and wifi download ?

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    I’m having the same issue, I’ve been on Windows 10 since December though, and it just quit today.

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    Bought the stick a few days ago and upgraded to Windows 10 immediately. Wifi connection is staying on and connected to the router, but apps won’t connect to the internet. Disconnect and reconnect to the wifi, and it works again for a few minutes, then stays connected to the router but again apps can’t find the internet.

    Running a ping on it from another computer I can see that it actually stops pinging the instant I try to load a webpage. But not every time, just occasionally. There are also a few dropped packets here and there.

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    Same problem. Worked fine out of the box. Windows 10 downloads updates. WiFi gone. No hope. Wasted time in device manager. Searching microsoft answers…. A Macintosh is starting to sound appealing. Amazon replaced the stick. Second one has *exact same problem*. Works fine out of box. Go through windows setup. Downloads updates. Boom. Wifi gone.

    Device info.

    Will be sending this back to Amazon and looking at a Chromebox.

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    Azulle Support Team


    This is a known issue from Microsoft and Windows 10, the reason for this behavior could be either an incompatibility between the Win8.1 drivers and Win10 or due the Windows 10 Update. The best approach and the one we recommend is to re-install the driver again, you can find it here:


    Also you will need to allow the PC to keep the Wi-Fi connection active when the system goes to sleep mode. Here are the steps:

    1- Go to Settings

    2- Select System

    3- Chose Power & Sleep and check the box

    You can see more details about this issue, as long with other possible fixes, in these links:


    Thank you

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    Yosh Mantinband

    I encountered this problem – apparently when I had inadvertently pressed the button & put the computer to sleep. The WiFi adapter had disappeared and I couldn’t get it back. I downloaded & installed the WiFi driver referenced in this article. (Note: one has to run the Setup.exe and not the install.bat)

    After reboot, my wifi reappeared.

    I then tried to follow the second step of the instructions. However, in my Win10 – there is no option to “to keep the Wi-Fi connection active when the system goes to sleep mode”.

    Has this changed due to a Windows update? In any case, I am glad to have my wifi back!

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