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      I have a Smart Panasonic 40 inch TV with 3 HDMI ports. HDMI 1 is already in use. Do I switch on my TV, select Menu on my remote, & e.g. select HDMI 3 in list. Do I have to leave the TV switched on for the unit to work? Because at the moment I have plugged the Azulle HDMI into HDMI 3, left the TV switched on, plugged the unit into the mains, tried the on/off switch on the device & nothing works. Or do I switch off the TV before trying the device’s on/off switch.

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      Hello Robinp,

      We apologize for the inconvenience. Make sure that you have the correct input selected on the TV or Monitor that has more than one HDMI port, then press the power button on the Mini-PC. If you need further assistance do not hesitate to contact us, our technicians would be more than happy to troubleshoot with you and achieve the desired behavior from your device.

      Kind Regards,
      George Gonzalez
      IT Department

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