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    I’ve been using a dual monitor setup with both the HDMI and VGA ports successfully since I bought the Byte3 about 2 months ago and it’s worked perfectly until today. The VGA monitor is no longer recognized by the Byte3. I connected that monitor to a laptop using the same VGA cable and it worked. I used the same VGA cable to connect a different monitor to a laptop and it also worked. So I can confirm the monitor and VGA cable are both fine. Something screwy has happened to the VGA port on the Byte3 and I need some help troubleshooting this further or if this is an obvious warranty case, then I will submit a warranty request.


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    Found a thread on doing a factory restore but the 5 GB file will take 15 days to download because the Azulle FTP site seems to have a rather slow upload speed of 3.4 KB/s…

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    Azulle Support Team

    Hello hulk2k18,

    Thank you for using the Azulle forums. As an alternative you can try to reinstall the Graphics driver:

    Please try it and let us know the result.

    Best regards

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