This device has made my life hell.

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      With the obsessive Windows updates that the hard drive cannot handle. Great job, guys! I have tried everything, migrating the drive. All the solutions from Microsoft. Nothing! Everyday I get the same problem. Biggest purchase regret in years. You sold an obsolete device out of the box.

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      I don’t understand how there isn’t a class action over this. Maybe I will start one. Even your forum format is fucking terrible. lol.

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      Victor Genao

      We understand Windows has an ever growing demand for space, and they have made it increasingly difficult to disable updates. Fortunately there are third party solutions that allow us to control Updates.

      This is one such solution.

      We regret that such a solution is necessary, however we are no longer producing 32GB devices to mitigate this issue in the future.

      Thanks for stopping by, and we appreciate the feedback on the forums.

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