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      Hi Guys

      Despite you helping me to get my QVHD unit back up and running on Friday last week (December 11th) I am still having <b>MAJOR</b> issues with the unit. For one it simply will not shut down. If I shut it down from within Windows (factory restored using your restore files) the unit shuts down and then about 15 seconds later it starts up without me touching it or even being near it. In addition, on numerous occasions, if I have anything connected to the USB or I try to go into UEFI/BIOS the system just switches off such that I have to disconnect and reconnect the battery again.

      I’m not sure if you recall, but a few months back I had an issue with the BIOS/UEFI settings for some inexplicable reason except trying to upgrade to Windows 10 using the free upgrade such that I had to go and set the touch-screen hardware correctly. What I’m thinking is perhaps some other settings were also messed up causing these lock ups and inoperable shut down.

      Is there anyway to get a screen dump or anything similar for all the pages in the BIOS/UEFI so I can compare. It’s really driving me nuts as I thought we cracked this on Friday. S/N ends 2849.

      EDIT: I think I may have sorted it by restoring defaults and then setting the touch screen to FocalTech (Goodix, the default, isn’t recognized and does not operate as standard) but it would still be nice / beneficial to have screen dumps of the BIOS/UEFI settings for the QVHD.

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      Hmm. No edit but I guess you can’t use HTML <b></b>!

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      Hello Chris,

      FocalTech: View2014002999 or lower
      Goodix: View2015003000 or higher

      I’ll provide you with a screen shot later today.

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        Thank you. I’m hoping that the defaults are all I needed but obviously I need to confirm that. Right now everything appears to be working OK and I’ve actually upgraded to Windows 10 Pro. All I’ve done is to set “Turn Off Screen” to never to sort the issue with the screen going blank and not coming back on.

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