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    Rick Thornton

    I travel with a Chromebook which covers 90 percent of my needs. For the rare occasion I need a Windows machine while on the road, I thought I would use Chrome Remote Desktop installed on the Access. I have been doing this on a very old desktop (6 or 7 years old) with no issues. I just thought it would be more efficient to not have a desktop running all the time and use the Access instead. I installed the application and while it will connect, it seems to completely freeze the system up, or work very, very slow.

    Anyone have any experience with this?

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    Michael M.

    I currently use Chrome Remote Desktop on my Quantum Access, and can remote in from both my PC and my phone with no problem. I’m also running four CPU-intensive programs to process real-time audio for software defined radio (SDR) applications, but even when using Remote Desktop, I haven’t experienced any freezing or locking up, despite CPU temperatures going upwards of 160F. The image quality is low and processing requests takes a little time, but that’s to be expected for what I’m doing.

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