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    Anthony Hall

    Hi All!
    I just ordered one of these Access PC sticks after doing much research on these types of devices. It seems to be the best of the breed.

    I plan on becoming a “Cord Cutter? in the very near future, but I want to have some of the same features I have on DirecTV. I.E. having 4 tuners and being able to record all four simultaneously.

    I built my OTA antennas and trying to decide on the Tablo 4 tuner model or the TIVo Raomio for my local live TV recording. Both can record OTA broadcasts but can’t record streaming media. So now I have a question I hope somebody can answer. I’ve searched the forum and watched YouTube videos and haven’t found Answers. Can this Access PC stick record live content streamed over the internet? Legally subscribed to content channels such as TNT, AMC, A&E , etc. ? Thanks in advance for any help.

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    We have not tested performance for streaming, however you can record streaming media directly full screened from any device that’s HDMI.


    Computer -> TV will look like this in setup ” COMPUTER -> Recorder medium -> TV “, or TV box -> Recorder medium -> TV.

    You’ll be looking for a USB controlled HDMI IN to HDMI OUT device such as:

    As I mentioned, this is untested but theoretically will work.

    As for recording youtube content, you can google YouTube to MP4 or whichever format you care to download as.

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