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    I don’t actually own a Quantum View but plan to soon. Here’s what I’d like to see for my 2nd one.

    Keep the present unit in its current configuration. Put these suggestions in a premium model.

    Processor. More processor is always nice. A Core i3 if it could be done economically. Otherwise, a top of the line Atom.

    Resolution. I think 4K is a bit over the top for a 10 inch screen but more resolution would be called for in a premium model.
    As many pixels as can be had and still keep your terrific pricing structure.

    Ram. 4 gig of ram would be a necessity in a premium unit. 8 gig would be most excellent if there’s room.
    Both physically and price-wise.

    Hard Drive. At least 64 gig of real SSD. Not eMMC.
    Nothing goes farther to making a computer feel faster than fast storage.
    Better, faster storage would be easy to pay more for.

    Case. Keep the case. Don’t be tempted to wrap it in gold plated titanium. I want a computer to work with, not something to show off. Anyone that buys a computer for its case just turns around and buys a rubberized protector for it. Fancy cases add a lot of cost and little real benefit unless your just buying it to show off.
    My old Kindle has the rubberized plastic case. I love it. I ‘upgraded’ to a new Kindle and returned it because of the slick case. It looked great but just didn’t feel nice holding it.

    Name. Lastly, you might want to consider a name change. Everybody and their brother has jumped on the Quantum name.
    Perhaps something more in line with your new company name. I like Azulle Gazelle Mark I. 😉

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    Hello Walt,

    Thank you for your input and interest in our products! We will take every single item requested into consideration. Keep the requests coming.


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