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      Hi everyone,

      This post is not for users running VIEW2015xx4000+ *PLEASE REFER TO https://azulletech.com/topic/sleepconnected-stand-by/ FOR MORE SLEEP ADJUSTMENT*

      Setting up your older tablet for Windows 10.

      Power settings:
      Windows key + X to open the menu shortcut.

      Select Power Options

      Power Options


      and adjust the device to never go to sleep, or turn display off

      Sleep and Timeout



      Adjust the screen saver to BLANK and then adjust the screen saver timing to your desired preference, mine is typically between 2-5 minutes.
      Screen Saver

      Adjusting these settings will ensure your device doesn’t become stuck in sleep for the Win 10 Tablet users with tablets under 2015xx4000.

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      I have QV SN 2015003xxx.
      Yes, I ran into a few issues when I upgraded to Windows 10.
      1. Sleep mode not working : Tablet was unable to wake up from sleep mode
      2. Screen rotation not working: Screen would not rotate automatically when the tablet is rotated
      3. Capacitive windows button not working: Capacitive button is the Windows logo below the screen (opposite to camera)

      Try this at your own risk!
      If you are not sure or happy with your tablet, do not try this.

      And below is how I fixed them all.
      Yes, I fixed them all, and my tablet is working flawlessly.
      1. Files you will need
      – Quantum View Driver Package (https://azulletech.com/support/quantum-view/)
      – Goodix Touch Driver from azulletech (
      – Goodix Touch Driver from HP (sp69305.exe): I will explain why HP driver package is needed later

      2. Preparation
      – Unzip the Quantum View Driver Package
      – Once unzipped, browse to the unzipped folder, and unzip “View Drivers.zip” file as well.
      (All of the drivers are in the View Drivers.zip file)
      – Unzip “Goodix Touch Panel Drivers.zip”
      – Run sp69305.exe
      * The content of sp69305.exe will be unzipped in c: drive
      * Installing this driver will make your touch screen unusable temporarily, but don’t panic. It’s part of fixing the capacitive button.

      3. Sleep Mode Fix
      – Cause: Graphics device incompatibility. Sleep mode issue has nothing to do with Windows 10. If you upgrade the driver even on Windows 8.1, you will run into the same exact issue!
      – How to fix
      * Open device manager
      * Find “Intel(R) HD Graphics” under “Display adaptors”
      * Right click and uninstall the Intel graphics card
      * Check “Delete the driver software for this device”
      * Once uninstallation is complete, go to “Action/Scan for hardware changes”
      * The scan should detect “Generic Display Adaptor”
      * Right click the display adaptor, and select driver update
      * Select “Browse my computer…”
      * Select “Let me pick…”
      * Click “Have Disk…” button
      * Browse to unzipped View Drivers folder, ..\Display\Intel(R) HD Graphics\
      * Select “oem18”
      * Select “Intel….Version:”
      –>This will install the video driver came with your tablet and fixes sleep mode problem

      4. Screen Rotation
      – Cause: Legacy Gravity Sensor driver not installed
      – How to fix
      * Open device manager
      * Go to action menu and click “Add legacy hardware”
      * Click next
      * Select “Install the hardware…”
      * Select “Sensors”
      * Select “Kionix, Inc.” and “Kionix Sensor Fusion Device”
      * Finish Kionix sensor install
      * Repeat the same steps and install “Microsoft” / “Simple Device Orientation Sensor”
      –> Your screen should now be rotating automatically but probably wrong orientation.
      You can fix the screen orientation by editing a registry
      * Run “regedit”
      * Locate “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Enum/ROOT/SENSOR/0000/Device Parameters/kxfusion”
      * Add a new binary value and name it “orientation”
      * Edit the orientation data value to “00 00 00 01 01 00 02”
      * The value above worked for me. If the value above does not fix the screen orientation, edit the first 6 values and find the combination that works for your tablet.
      (tips: do not change “02”; only 00 and 01 are valid values for the other 6 values; reboot required after change – so you may need to reboot upto 64 times…)

      5. Capacitive Windows Button
      – Cause: Capacitive key not defined by driver config file
      – How to fix
      * Browse to unzipped “Goodix Touch Panel Drivers” folder (this is the driver from azulletech)
      * Copy “TouchSetting.gt” file and paste to unzipped “sp69305” folder.
      (Overwrite the TouchSetting.gt in the sp69305 folder)
      * Browse to “sp69305” folder, right click “install.bat” and run “install.bat” as administrator.
      —> This will fix the touch screen and the capacitive button.
      This essentially uses the HP driver utility to correct QV driver issue by replacing the configuration file (TouchSetting.gt).

      Lastly, I also removed recovery partition (~5GB) to increase the C: drive size,
      and my tablet works like a champ!

      Hope this helped.

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      Azulle Support Team

      Hello Art,

      Thank you for that amazing feedback ! It is really impressive and it will be very helpful to all of those that want a full experience with Windows 10 on their tablets. Again, thank you very much for your enormous contribution.

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