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    Brian H

    Has anyone purchased the No-OS Q.A LAN and successfully installed WIN 8.1/10 on it, to replace the Ubuntu?

    I purchased a second Q.A. LAN model for the house. 1st was a WIN10 EoC and worked like a charm with my Kodi setup. I purchased a no-OS Q.A LAN model, as I can get a free Win10 Edu license through the college I attend. When I received the model, it came included with Ubuntu…not a biggie, but still attempted to install Win10 via bootable USB, to no avail. the problem I’m running into is that the BIOS never recognizes the USB as having bootable media. To make the bottle USB, I have used MS Windows media creator, as well as Rufus (ensuring the settings are set at 32bit and GPT)…

    I was going to continue using the Ubuntu for Kodi, as that is really the only reason I am using the Q.A LAN stick, but it won’t recognize the bluetooth hardware….So I’m back to wanting the Win setup…

    Would appreciate any assistance from successful installers…Thanks

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    Brian H

    ~Follow Up~

    Thanks for the online tech support chat. I was able to successfully get a Win10 32-bit installed, and upgraded to Win10 Education. Everything is working flawless.

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