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      Keith Kolbo

      I reported that my Q Access LAN would not boot. It was stopping the process at the Azulle v 4.0 screen and nothing I did could get into the BIOS. I returned it to support and it booted perfectly for you. hmm When it came home it booted normally. The next time I booted, it stuck again. I started looking for what changed. I removed all the USB devices. It booted. I then try to boot the unit with each device to see it one of them was the culprit. Sure enough, It will not boot when my HP OfficeJet 6978 is attached. If I attach it after booting, the stick and the printer/scanner work perfectly.

      I don’t know what about the printer could be causing it not to boot. If it at least would make it to the start of the OS loading I would suspect bad divers, but this is odd.
      I also dusted off another company’s stick ( not as good as Azulle) with the same memory and processor. It boots fine with all of the devices attached.

      Where can I look to troubleshoot this? There appears to be something different in the Q Access LAN. I don’t know what to do other that remove the printer to boot and then hot plug it in. All ideas are welcome.

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