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    Azulle Access Plus

    Red light on once power source provided, press power ON, the light turns BLUE for a moment, then turns RED again right away. Please help!

    I bought this PC Stick several months ago for use in a pinch so I would not need to always carry a laptop in my briefcase. So, I have used it once to set it up, then put it in my attache case for that eventual need. Today I pulled it out and it is useless. Not a good showing for Azulle pc stick….. not at all dependable.

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    I have the exact same thing, hope there is a fix

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    Azulle Support Team


    We are very sorry for the inconvenience that you are experiencing. Please reach out directly to us, our tech support team will troubleshoot your unit and find the best solution for the issue. You can reach out directly to us via email: support@azulletech.com or through our phone: +1 786 233 6769 ext.1

    Best regards

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