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      First of all, my Access Plus is working fine; none of the problems posted in this forum.

      I will be using this Access Plus at a remote location and I’d like to find out if it’s possible to configure the Access Plus to automatically power on, following a power outage.

      For example, most desktop-style PCs have BIOS settings to power up after an outage, or to remain off. I haven’t found any BIOS settings in the Access Plus.

      In the Product Comparison Table, there’s mention of an “Auto Run Feature” but I couldn’t find any additional information about this feature; maybe it’s what I’m looking for.

      Looking forward to your reply.


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      The previous model the Access LAN has this but it was with a BIOS update I think version 1.4

      I’m having the same issue and the option is not in the BIOS. Can someone tell us where we can get a BIOS flash firmware to power on with power?

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      Response I got was:

      “Hello James,

      I am glad to inform you that the Byte Plus have the two options for the Power on Power Loss, like its predecessor. Find it in the BIOS, under the Chipset tab -> South Bridge -> Select Auto Poweron or manual Poweron.

      Kind Regards,”

      Going off to see if its fixed

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      Thank you for choosing Azulle. We apologize for the inconvenience, the Access Plus and the Byte Plus units both have the Auto Poweron feature under the Chipset tab -> South Bridge -> Select Auto Poweron or manual Poweron. The Quantum Access including the LAN one and the Quantum Byte unit has the auto power on feature on the Advance tab -> os/bom configuration. However if you can’t find it on your bios you have to update the Firmware which can be found on our website support tab. If you need assistance or have any other questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us, We’re available Mon-Fri between 9am and 5pm est and can always email us at @azulletech.com”>support@azulletech.com anytime.

      Kind Regards,
      George Gonzalez
      IT Department

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