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      I followed instructions on this site to download a zip file containing a factory image of Windows 10, formatted a USB stick, and copied the image to it.

      I was able to boot from the stick and the installation looked to go smoothly.

      After some time, the regular Windows screens appeared and I was able to connect to my access point and get onto the Web.

      But the speakers don’t work, and the clock works only partly. The system time does not keep pace with actual clock time, and runs slow.

      I checked that the Realtek audio device driver was installed. I removed the driver and got the newest version from their website. This made no difference.

      I don’t get any sound and I’m unable to enable a device using Control Panel; the place where you do this (sorry, I’m not at the computer right now) says an audio device is not installed, but I do see it in Device Manager. The speaker icon on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen is X’d out in red.

      Regarding the clock, I made sure to have Windows automatically obtain the time periodically from the Web; I changed the default source to NIST. The clock gets set right when I force it, but slowly loses time and does not automatically sync again.

      I’ve read most of the posts on here and have tried installing various drivers.

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      Azulle Support Team

      Hello MikeRyansPhon,

      Thank you for using the Azulle forums. Let’s review the issues that you are experiencing.

      For the sound, please use the follow driver:

      Regarding to the time issue:

      First, you can change Time Synchronization Interval in Windows:

      Or you can create a task to schedule the time sync:

      There is also a third party option to get the time sync and use the settings you want, like doing it in less than 1 hour:

      Let me know if those fixes help you with your issue, and do not hesitate to contact us if need further assistance.

      Best regards

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