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    Bought a Byte3
    Started it up through my monitor to ensure installation / easy access to keyboard and mouse.
    Install all went fine. When it was plugged into the TV I get no signal.
    It still works fine through the monitor.
    I tried 2 different cables and all 3 HDMI slots on the TV.
    The laptop that was working as my previous media pc still works fine with both cables and on all slots.

    By process of elimination that leads me to believe it is the byte3 that is having a problem
    A number of people cited issues with the HD500 graphics card, so I reinstalled those drivers from intel’s site
    I still get no signal from the byte to the tv.

    Are there any solutions that are known to this issue?

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    Azulle Support Team

    Hello quickusername,

    Thank you for using the Azulle forums. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Did you try this driver:

    It could be that for some reason the handshake between the computer and the projector is not working properly. Is it HDCP compliant ? We had a customer that had an old TV that wasn’t completing the handshake and he solve it by using it with HDMI splitter. Another customer was trying to get a receiver to display the image and he had to use a HDMI restorer: he tested two different brands with positive results: Dr. HDMI and Gefen Detective Plus.

    Do not hesitate to contact us directly if you need further assistance.

    Best regards

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