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    I can not get any monitor or tv to recognize a signal from my device I can’t see what is happening to fix the original update issue. The blue light stays on and will not shutdown to reboot. Is there a reset procedure?

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    Azulle Support Team

    Hello lwscurtis,

    Thank you for using our forums. We are very sorry for the inconvenience you are experiencing. Let us provide you some troubleshooting:

    – There are two microUSB ports, one for USB and the other one for the power supply, please make sure that you are using the proper one.
    – Follow these steps: unplug everything, wait 10 secs, turn the TV on, connect all the cables, pick the proper HDMI and then turn the device on.

    Let us know if with those recommendations the device works.

    Best regards

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    Have the same issue, and the above does not work. Need a reset procedure that doesn’t require video feedback, or instructions to return this item for a full refund. The device should have been designed for this possibility.

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    Azulle Support Team

    Hello wbrproductions,

    Thank you for using our forums. If you tried the steps above and they didn’t work, please reach out directly to us: or 786 233 6769. We’re available mon-fri 9am – 5pm eastern time.

    Best regards

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