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      This is my experience with the Azulle Byte 3. I preordered the unit on-line. The staff were very helpful with my questions. I intend to use Byte 3 as a TV box replacement for my Adroid TV box.

      I received the Byte 3 in the mail. It was well packaged with no damages. For a monitor I used a low end 24″ LG LED TV and for the keyboard a Microsoft wireless keyboard with touchpad. Prior to boot the unit for the first time, I installed a M.2 memory stick. It would not boot up. I failed to check the M.2 for the type; it was an ePCI. It needed a SATA version. So, after a little running around I got a WD 232 GB M.2 SATA stick. I booted the system and went through the Windows 10 set up with ease. I had the unit connected to the router with an Ethernet cable for the updates and I then reverted the unit to wifi for general use.

      I changed the Byte 3 settings so docs, videos, etc, would be defaulted to the M.2. When the option appears, I save the program setups to the M.2 as well. I loaded Kodi with a few addons. The videos played just as good as the Android TV box. There was no studdering. The sound on the LG TV sounded normal. I also download the Netflix app. It played videos just as good or a little better than the Kodi program.

      I am still playing with the Byte 3. Once I move it to the big TV, I’ll try the Rii mini i24T mini Wireless Kyboard Mouse Combo on it. If anything earth shattering comes up, I’ll post it here.


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      Azulle Support Team

      Hello greg225,

      Thank you for using the Azulle forums. We appreciate your feedback and yes, as you mentioned, the M2 card has to be SATA for the Byte3.
      For those who want to use a M2 PCIe I will suggest to see our newest mini PC: The Inspire ( )

      If you ever need any assistance do not hesitate to contact us at”> or +1 786 233 6769

      Best regards

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      My experience was similar. The system works quite well and I augmented the storage with a 2.5-in flash drive. It was easy to install. Azulle recommended using either the 2.5-in SATA drive or the M.2 but not both if heat is a consideration.

      I used Kodi connected to a MythTV server that captures video using a Silicon Dust HDHomeRun device. It handles 1080p video nicely over a wireless connection and 4K over gigabit Ethernet. Doing 4K over WiFi will depend upon your connections.

      I also tested the system using Azulle’s Lynk Multi-function Remote. I recommend it over the remote that comes with the Byte 3. The standard IR remote is very limited which is unfortunate because it would have been a good match for Kodi. On the other hand, IR line of sight is an annoying limitation that the Lynk does not have. There are other wireless remotes that can be used. Of course, using Bluetooth keyboard and mouse options may be preferable depending upon your application. I still have a full keyboard synced with the system to use for browsing or email as the Lynk keyboard is not conducive for lots of data entry.

      I have not tried the VESA mount but may with one of my smaller displays. That keeps the box out of the way and makes it nice for digital signage applications.

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