My access plus works fine with one screen brand but with others it goes poweroff

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      One of the reasons I got myself this device is for its mobility, but I didn’t get this expected mobility because it works fine with one tv screen which is Hisense UHD, while not working with other tv screens or pc screens, it just goes poweroff after few seconds the azzulle logo shows up then the device goes poweroff.
      Please help me, I need a fix for this problem I’m stuck with only one screen.
      Thank you.

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      I think I should add that while the system was booting up I kept pressing F8 or F12 on keyboard can’t remember which one worked for me but it gave me choices to boot the system with low-resolution which I tried and it did not solve the problem, then I tried safe mode which managed to take me to the desktop but with lower functionality obviously. hopefully this info will help you to understand my device’s problem.

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      UPDATE: Problem Solved.

      I emailed the azulle tech support explaining the problem mentioned above and they have replied with a good recommendation and brought to my attention the correct amount of enery that should be outputted from the power adapter which is 5 V ~ 3 A .. so I tested with different power adapters and now my device works fine with my other pc monitor.

      Thanks alot to Mr. Luis R Rodriguez from the Azulle Technical support, your help is so much appreciated.

      Have a good day all.

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