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      Azulle Support Team

      This Post is intended for the Azulle Byte 3[/url]

      The Byte3 units come with a default internal storage to hold the Windows installation, however additional storage can be added. These are the requirements for the storage supported in the Byte3:

      2.5 SSD SATA up to 512 GB
      m.2 2280 SATA up to 320 GB (NVMe is not supported)

      Please find here the instructions of how to install the SSD https://youtu.be/9MCcasAj6_8?list=PLGfK-BrwQ8YFTqqwfVtDOistg17S4KB4m
      Please find here the instructions of how to install the m.2 https://youtu.be/qkJaySoY2yE?list=PLGfK-BrwQ8YFTqqwfVtDOistg17S4KB4m

      Usually when the SSD is new, you need to initialize it:

      After that you can transfer the OS to the SSD, the idea is that the Windows partition has to be cloned and then copied on the SSD drive. This software would allow you to do that very easy:


      Once you finish the process, get access to the BIOS by using the DEL key as soon as you turn on the device and change the boot order in the Boot tab. Make sure that you save the changes on the BIOS by going to the last tab: Save & Exit

      For a full walk-through video, please check the follow link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pm71HdUO2p8

      Let me know any further questions or concerns.

      Best regards.

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