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      I really like what this remote seems to offer. I am basically after the following:

      1) Backlit
      2) Be able to learn more than 5 IR keys (there are a lot of remotes that can learn 5)
      3) For the remote side (non-keyboard side) to be able to be used for BOTH the Android device and IR devices.

      It seems that your remote meets all of these requirements, which is AWESOME!

      BUT…every review I have read or watched mentions how mushy the keys are. I am legally blind (tunnel vision). I can’t see the screen and keyboard at the same time. So, tactile feedback is really useful. I am worried about this with your device. I thought I had found exactly what I needed, but now I’m hesitant. Do you by chance have any plans for a tactile version soon?

      Quick question, just to be 100% sure. I’m 96.7% 🙂 sure that the remote can learn any number of device IR commands. That is, I think I can learn a couple commands from a soundbar, maybe a couple commands from a TV, a power button for a fan, and a number of commands from a cable box, right?

      Lastly, I watched one of your videos (the back-light video) about using the keyboard. The video made it sound like you need to hold the remote quite parallel to the ground to use the keyboard function. If you’re reclined in a recliner, is the keyboard going to work?

      Thank you.

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      I need help with programming the Azulle Lynk Remote and can the Flirc Remote control be any help to pair any functions

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