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    I have seen this on two different PC Sticks. I open internet explorer 11 and it blue screens and reboots. When it comes back up the wireless is gone. I am not sure how to get the wireless back. Nothing about a wireless device show up in device manager.

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    Found the issue. It was the old Webroot installer i was using. I upgraded to version of the installer and the issue went away.

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    Azulle Support Team


    Thank you Jeb for come back to us with your solution, it will be a great reference in the future. We hope you are enjoying your device to the fullest.

    Thank you

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    I am experiencing a similar problem in that the Wireless adapter goes missing. In my case it seems to happen only when the device goes to sleep. On wakeup the wireless adapter is missing. A hard re-boot brings it back. Ideas?

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    Azulle Support Team

    Hello LeRoy,

    Basically what you need to do is keep the connection active even when the system goes to sleep, please refer to this POST, check the steps and the images:

    Thank you

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    I also lost my network wifi adapter after coming out of sleep. I installed the Realtek adapter as per the above post, but it has not helped. I still can’t get connected.
    My stick came with Windows 10. This is not an upgrade from Windows 8. I guess I’ll be returning it, unless someone has a suggestion.

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    Azulle Support Team

    Hello JT,

    Did you follow all the steps? Reinstall the driver, reboot the computer and then check for the option to allow the computer keep the connection active while the system goes to sleep mode. Please contact us at support@azulletech.com at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you.

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