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    It’s not that I don’t appreciate the Windows 10 that came with my device, but I wanted to install Windows 7 (or even XP) to use this unit for software that isn’t really compatible with Win10. (Long story short, MAME or Jukebox software w/ touchscreen monitor.)

    After the basic USB installation didn’t work, I dove in and read up on UEFI, BIOS-compatibilty booting, EFI partitions, Intel SD Host Controller drivers, bootx64.efi, etc., and I am pretty sure this was the deep part of the ocean. (I’m treading water but not really getting anywhere.)

    It’s 2am so I’m calling it a night. Is there a “In a nutshell” version of installing Win7 via USB flash drive or is this something I just shouldn’t mess with? (I made a recovery drive and did a full system backup right out of the box, but apparently there was no worry as I have yet to get any USB setup to boot from the F7 boot menu, except for the recovery drive.)


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    Hi Douglas,

    I apologize for the delayed response.

    Unfortunately Windows XP and 7 (32-bit) are incompatible with EFI/GUID partition tables. As such, we are unable to install these operating systems on our devices.

    I did some research and found that MAME should run smoothly on Windows 10, though there seems to be mouse control problems. I assume this is why you are experiencing the touch screen issue.

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    Actually, I hadn’t tried the touchscreen at that point because I thought its older drivers wouldn’t work on Win10. Thanks for the info though–it helped me to simply go ahead and try out some new stuff: Kodi media center software (from which seemed to stream A/V from my server rather well. The touchscreen drivers even installed and worked flawlessly.

    So, 2am again here, but now I’m going to bed knowing everything works. Thanks for your help.

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    Not a problem. Glad you got everything sorted out!

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    Hi, all! My company is looking to use Quantum Bytes w/ server OSes on them, but there’s a bit of a problem. If I try to use Windows Server 2012, it only comes in 64-bit, and I’ve read elsewhere on these forums that QB is strictly 32-bit OS. The next one down is Win Server 2008, but I try to install that and have the same issues listed here, namely, if I try to install from w/in W10, I get “Intel SD Host Controller Driver not found” and if I try to boot from the BIOS via USB, it skips and goes straight to the next item in boot order (this is a flash drive that I prepped w/ Rufus to act as a Windows Server 2008 32-bit Installation DVD). Any thoughts as to what I’m doing wrong? Thanks all!

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