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      I bought an Azul byte3 micro PC to run as HCA server. It came with 32 gig of of microSD storage, 4 gig of RAM, and Windows 10 Pro as the stock configuration. It was important to have Windows 10 Pro because the ideal way to access this server box is with Windows remote desktop which only works against a server that has Windows 10 Pro. Remote desktop will not remotely access a Windows 10 home box. I assumed 32 gigs of storage would be enough capacity to basically just run Windows 10 and HCA server.

      But when Windows 10 took an automatic windows 10 update, which I believe can now not be refused, Windows 10 simply takes the update. Problem is with 32 gigs of storage and windows already installed on that storage the update will often fail leaving the machine in a state where HCA server likely will not run due to lack of storage. And the Windows 10 update may have also failed. After this happened to me I looked on the bite 3 azzule support Forum which is how they support their products, and saw that many people have had that problem. It is so stupid for Azul to only have 32 gig of storage when I was able to buy an m.2 128 gig SSD card for $18 on Amazon.

      To make things worse the instructions for how to migrate the Windows 10 installation from the internal stock micro SD onto your newly installed m.2 SSD that are provided by Azul, those instructions do not work as far as I can tell. I ended up having to do a fresh install of Windows 10 onto my newly installed 128 gig SSD, and then I had to go through all the crap of reinstalling HCA, migrating my license to a new machine for my always up service to run HCA as a service. my active homepro stuff because I run AHP in parallel. It was a real pain to have to reinstall everything. So what I would recommend is that anyone considering using one of these micro PCS should ** INSTALL AN SSD **BEFORE** YOU DO ANY WORK TO INSTALL OTHER SOFTWARE *** that they may want to install on the machine. There is no reason for anyone to be trying to use a machine with less than 64 gig of storage, preferably 128 gig or greater. It only cost $18. For that storage and it should be on the machine before any work is done to install stuff.

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      Azulle Support Team

      Hello JBW425,

      Thank you for keep us posted of your progress. For the migration instructions you can check our video tutorial:

      Let us know if you need further assistance.

      Best regards

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