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      I just bought an Inspire, brand new out of the box. I installed my RAM and added a HDD drive, plugged in the HDMI and power. I turned on my TV, and the Inspire, the button turned blue, but the TV says no signal. I unplugged, powered down, waited 10 secs, etc. Tried again and same result.

      Is there something faulty with my device, or do I need VGA?

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      Azulle Support Team

      Hello coverslide,

      Thank you for using our forums. We are very sorry for that you are experiencing such inconvenience. The Inspire doesn’t video for two main reasons:

      1 – The RAM is not correctly placed.
      2 – The RAM is defective.

      Could you please use the other RAM bank to confirm if the behavior is the same. If the computer still doesn’t output any video, please reach out directly to us, so our tech can assist you right away.

      Feel free to contact us via email:”> or phone: +1 786 233 6769 ext.1. We’re available mon-fri 9am – 5pm eastern time.

      Best regards.

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      R Parikh

      I have model A-1043-qb , having no display ,it has power light blue

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