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      FocalTech: View2014002999 or lower
      Goodix: View2015003000 or higher

      The Quantum View (HD) tablet uses either the Goodix or FocalTech Touch Panels, if you determine if you need the additional Goodix driver, please download and install the following file to regain full functionality:

      Goodix Touch Panel Drivers

      Should you have issues with your touch screen, restart the device and press the DEL (delete) key repeatedly during boot to reach the BIOS setup. Move over to the advanced tab and down to OS/BOM. Verify that the correct touch panel is set for your device.

      — UPDATE — Alternative Solution – Tablet Driver Back up 3000-3999
      Please download and extract this zip file: Double Driver Restore Goodix

      Once extracted, launch dd.exe or simply DD (type/application) as an administrator (right click, run as admin). Take notice in this folder that there is another zip, this is your driver package.

      Select RESTORE -> Locate backup -> Compressed folder, search for “X:\DD Quantum View\View” Same driver package mentioned above.

      Allow DD to load the drivers, then simply click “RESTORE NOW” and let DD finish.

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      I have tried to download this multiple times with and without an ftp client. It will never allow me to extract all the files from it. I have checked in the BIOS and it is goodix. Is there anyway to send me a fix or fix your current solution? My touch screen and windows button does not work.

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        Hello Adam,

        We’ve fixed the FTP links, we apologize for the inconvenience.

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