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      I am running into and issue doing a factory restore on my Quantum Byte. I created the restore USB stick and the system will boot from it but gets an error message “Failed to create disk partition table”.
      If I take the USB stick out and let the system boot on its own, it boots to the EFI Shell.

      I emailed to info@azulletech,com two days ago with screen shots of the restore error and the EFI Shell but have not heard back.
      I also sent a chat message via the live chat on the website.

      While waiting for a response I created a Windows 10 USB install using the Media Creation Tool. I was able to boot the Byte with it and attempt and install.
      When it gets to the partition list there is only a 7GB partition in Disk 0. Disk 1 is my USB stick. Is like the 32GB internal SSD is only registering as 7GB.
      Not sure what the issue could be. I just did the factory restore as as per the forum instructions. I have two other Quantum Bytes and four Byte 3 models. I have only performed the restore on one other Quantum Byte and it went perfect

      In doing more research it is like the internal SSD is not showing in the EFI Shell or at least not mounted right. I would expect there to be a FS0 mapping but there are only three block devices( BLK0, BLK1 and BLK2)

      Thought I would give the forum a try and see if that got someone’s attention as I am lost at what to do next.


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      Azulle Support Team

      Hello CShaffer,

      Welcome to the Azulle Forums. Please check your email, we have responded your concern, we are very sorry for the delay, feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance.

      Best regards

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