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      Today I was able to connect my device to Ethernet for the first time. To my surprise, when I connected it to my router, I noticed that it would not no matter what I tried, connect to Ethernet.
      After about an hour of research, trying the cable on different devices, different router ports and cables, and digging into the Windows 10 Device Manager, I noticed there was no Network/Ethernet Adapter!
      This has frustrated me, as I bought a long Ethernet cable specifically for this device and would like to find a solution. Please response as soon as possible. I would like to get this issue resolved whenever possible.
      I have pictures as proof if need be.

      -Jon Freeman

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      Azulle Support Team

      Hello Jon,

      Thank you for reaching out to us. We are very sorry for that inconvenience. Please reinstall the driver in order to regain connectivity:

      In case you did and the device is still unresponsive, please reach out to our email support team:”>

      Thank you

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