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      I bought an Azulle Access Plus PC Stick with 4GB RAM a few week ago. Windows 10 Home 64-bit is preinstalled on it. I want to use some software which do not support 64-bit OS at all. They were running fine under Windows 7 32-bit but never worked on 64-bit systems. There is no way they can be installed using the Compatibility Mode so my only option is to change the Windows 10 Home from 64 bit to 32-bit. I’ve used Media Creation Tool (downloaded from Microsoft) to create a bootable USB Flash Drive. I selected Edition ” Windows 10 “, Architecture ” 32-bit (x86) in order to create the desired installer. It took a while to create but as a result I have an USB Flash Drive labelled as ESD-USB with some files on it. Then went to BIOS and disabled the Secure Boot and Fast Boot options then changed the boot order and restarted the PC Stick. Nothing happened because the Windows 10 Home 64-bit started as it does usually. Then I tried to boot from Windows 10 (SHIFT + resart) but did not help.
      Then I decided to reinstall the Windows 10 Home 64-bit using the Factory Restore File just in case. Everything went OK so I still have 64-bit…
      – How can I boot from a bootable USB Flash Drive if it’s not the WINPE with restoring files?
      – Is it possible to downgrade somehow?
      – Would the downgrade void my warrant on this PC Stick?
      – Do I need a Windows 10 Home product key to change to 32bit?
      – Where can I find my current Windows 10 Home 64-bit product key?

      Help, please. Thank you.

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