Do separate "on" and "off" IR codes exist in the Byte3's database?

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    The Power Toggle code sent by the on/off button on the included remote is not ideal for HTPC use, since it will inadvertently cause the PC to shut down on starting an activity when it has awakened previously; e.g., to execute a recording of a TV program. Other IR sensors recognize discrete on and off codes to prevent such issues. Perhaps the Byte3’s sensor has such codes built in? If so, what are they? If you can provide me that data I can get it registered with Logitech’s Harmony database for all Byte3 customers to use.

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    Well, it would be nice to have the discrete on/off codes, but I have just realized that I can get the behavior that I want by setting the power button to “do nothing” in Control Panel Power Options, as described in this article: Then the IR Power Toggle code is ignored when the PC is already awake, but works to wake it up otherwise. That way my Byte3 goes to sleep automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity and is awakened for playing videos by the IR code (from my Harmony remote) or recording new programs as scheduled by my HTPC software (

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