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    I’m running this on my Samsung HDTV. With the resolution set to the native resolutions (1920×1080), I cannot see my taskbar or the left side of the start menu screen. I cannot find a place to adjust the scaling. Does anyone know how to fix this? None of the settings in the Intel Graphis Control Panel seem to help.


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    This might be an issue with how the TV is viewing the input. I know that on my Samsung I was able to tell it, on a particular HDMI input, to auto scale. Problem solved.

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    Hi, I am using an LG tv 1920×1080 and I have the same problem, I can’t see an option for the scaling configuration in the tv or in the azulle stick.

    Please could you help me?

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    I have a Toshiba 1920×1080 40″ TV and was experiencing the same problem. I fixed it when I found the TV Menu option for Picture -> Picture Size -> Native. (Previously it had been “Wide”, which is what I needed for the local TV broadcasts)

    Before I found that setting on my TV (about 5 minutes ago), the display was about 10% bigger than my TV, so I was missing all the edges, including half the TaskBar, the Start button, etc.

    For those who cannot fix the problem with a change in your TV settings, there ought to be a solution built into the stick. Given that there is a Scaling feature in the Intel control panel (but with only one option so far that does nothing), I assume there is a way to support scaling. As a reference, I have an Android box (Matricom) attached to the same TV and there I was able to adjust the scaling to 90% for a perfect fit, with no compromise on the resolution. The same feature seems like it ought to be available for the Quantum Access – but needs to somehow be enabled.

    Azulle – are you listening? Can you offer a solution to those who cannot adjust their TVs?

    Meanwhile – I suggest the rest of you look for an option to fix the picture size on your TV. Perhaps my experience with Toshiba and other poster’s experience with Samsung can guide you.

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