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      Victor Genao

      New Access3 and Byte3 devices will have a default BIOS password of 0000 from factory. This applies to new units only. If you have any issues please reach us via our Live Chat, e-Mail, or Phone Support.

      Note: If you are trying to enter this password and are not able to get in, please try using a different keyboard.


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      I just purchased a new Access3 64gb model and it came with a default BIOS password. 0000 did NOT work!

      a: why would you set a default password? this is unnecessary and a pain in the butt for consumers to deal with
      b: why would you not include the password in the documentation that comes with the computer?!?!
      c: why do you not document the necessary keys to get into the Boot Menu, BIOS Setup, etc. on these systems!
      d: how can I reset this unit and get into the BIOS!?

      I’m seriously reconsidering our purchase and we were looking to buy quite a few of these systems.

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        Victor Genao

        Hello Vince,

        Thanks for reaching out to us and I am happy that we were able to get this sorted for you. Just wanted to address the rest of your questions.

        The default password was set to allow access to a feature which allows us to control/change the BIOS settings from within the Windows Operating System by running remote commands to execute batch files that will make the requested changes (This allows further granular control which can be automated or deployed through SCCM for example). (The software package for this can be provided on request)

        We’ve recently made the change to the BIOS to have a default password, updates to the documentation will follow.

        Thanks for visiting our forums!

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