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      I am a recent and very pleased Byte Plus user. My intent was to have a cost effective PLEX server.

      My first instinct was to install Mint Linux.
      After the Mint install, updates and install of all the software I’d need, I had a considerable amount of space available(about 14-15 GB) left.
      My issue with Mint is the following:

      No sound(tried both the USB and digital)
      No access to my 128 gb Micro SD card(doesn’t recognize it.)
      Finally, PLEX basically ran the Byte Plus into the ground and it would simply freeze after getting very hot.

      I have been using Linux for years but I have never had an issue with hardware.
      Everything just simply seemed to work without too much tweaking.

      Under Windows 10, it gets the job done effectively.
      The major issue I have with it is simply, space on the HD. After Windows 10, iTunes and the PLEX server app, I am left with a mere 4.5 GB of space and well, its Windows.

      I really want to utilize Linux for this.

      Has anyone had success with Linux(Ubuntu based) installs and if so, what am I missing?

      Many Thanks,

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      I am trudging along by myself on this one, apparently.

      Problem one solved: Drives not showing up through PLEX server.
      Directions on this site appears to have resolved the issue:

      Problem two solved: Linux seizing up byte plus.
      After re-installing Linux Mint 18.2, I opted to update the kernel.
      I had not done that in the past.
      This seems to have resolved the freezing issue.

      Problem three: No sound through HDMI.
      I am banging my head against the wall trying to gt his to work.
      I have the sound source to Digital USB Stereo.
      No dice on this.

      Finally, I have NO access to the card slot.
      My Samsung 128 GB is unreadable and the slot is unrecognized.

      Any help is appreciated.

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      After fruitless efforts, and apparently just taking to myself in this forum, I decided to re-installed the Windows 10 image back onto my BytePlus.
      It should have not to be this much trouble for sound to work and an SD card to show up.
      It is actually the first failure I’ve had while trying to implement Linux on a Desktop in over 10 years.
      I am disappointment that I am limited to Windows 10 as my only real option for an OS on this.

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      Azulle Support Team

      Hello jtmcdermott,

      Thank you for using our forums. Let me try to address your concerns:

      I suggest to use the latest version of Ubuntu (17.10), everything should work out the box. Linux Mint uses a more stable approach however if you are looking to have this great distro I will recommend to check Ian Morrison work, he has done an amazing script that would allow you to respin an LM ISO and included the necessary drives:

      Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you need further questions or concerns.

      Best regards

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      Would be interested in how you made out. I am thinking of doing the same with my Byte Plus.

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      I had been running Mint 18.2 as a PLEX server for a few weeks now. There are still 2 issues issues that are infuriating and I cannot seem to find a solution for.

      1) I have no sound through HDMI. I have been able to get sound to work through a Bluetooth sound bar but it doesn’t always reconnect.

      2) The micro SD slot isn’t seen at all.

      I have tried to resolve this by updating the kernel to 12.4 which is as high as I can go without loosing all volume and sound controls.
      The updates however proved a little unstable and did nothing to resolve my issues.

      It functions well as a PLEX server. The space that PLEX takes to store all of its metadata information is more efficient on Linux and takes up only half the space of Windows.
      After installing PLEX, emulators and all the extra stuff that Mint includes I have about 12 GB left on the main drive.

      With the Windows 10 home image, I am left with a mere 4.5 gb and that is with utilizing the SD card to balance out the app load.

      At present, I have Windows 10 back on the machine but I am going to be installing the latest Mint or Xubuntu 17.10 to take another stab at it.

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        You are certainly not just talking to yourself! I’m far less accomplished with Mint, but am hoping for it to work since the latest win10 “update” won’t install (lack of space – even with all past versions and _all_ options and files deleted).
        Please do continue to post. At the moment I’m downloading the re-install package from Azulle and going to start yet again with Win10 – so at least I have bought more than a paperweight.

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        Well, thanks.

        I currently have Mint Linux 18.3 on the Byte Plus.
        I am working with Kernel 4.11. I shows the HDMI option but I still have not sound available.
        Mint 18.3 comes with Linux kernel 4.10. It does not reflect an HDMI option.
        Latest versions of Ubuntu 17.10 do not reflect ANY sound options at all.
        Granted, I really didn’t test extensively with Xubuntu 17.10 but that is supposed to be a lightweight option.
        I found it to run more sluggishly than Mint.
        I did have some success with running sound through a bluetooth speaker under 18.2

        Other than no sound and no option to utilize the SD card, its running as a pretty decent little PLEX server and the way
        PLEX stores its metadata is much more efficient on Linux than it is on Windows 10.
        With all the emulators, software installed from the vast linux repositories, I have a very healthy 9.5-10 GB left over.
        Windows 10 leave me with about 4.5 gb.

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      OK. Made a last stab on Windows 10 and it just doesn’t fit. So now will try the 17.10 Ubuntu Gnome and will report back. What a time sink this has been!

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      Last night I moved back to Windows 10 and set up PLEX again.
      I am trying to maximize the space as best I can.
      I am however, running into an issue with my micro SD card.
      It keeps dropping offline which is very problematic as I have installed the majority of my apps there.

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      Azulle Support Team

      Hello jtmcdermott,

      We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

      running into an issue with my micro SD card.

      Did that issue happen in LinuxMint as well? or just Windows? Please, try to reinstall the chipset driver:

      Let us know the result.

      Best regards.

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      Trying to update the 16.10 Ubuntu that can be downloaded here for the Byte-Plus. It won’t update – too may errors (see(below).
      Bought this on Amazon, where lots of others have reported success. But they don’t respond to follow-up questions!

      I’m stumped. Any helpful advice. Heck, any advice at all?


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      OK. Made a last stab on Windows 10 and it just doesn’t fit. So now will try the 17.10 Ubuntu Gnome and will report back. What a time sink this has been!


      I see you moved off Windows and now trying Linux. I am running Windows 10 Creators Update with about 7.5 gig left over on the hard drive. I too originally had a problem with not having enough room, but if you do a clean up on the C: drive including system drives then that should clean up enough space to install Windows. If that doesn’t work get a 8 or 16 gig thumb drive and plug it into a free USB port. When you go to update Windows it will let you install the installation file on the thumb drive then you should be good to go.

      I also have a separate Hard drive attached via USB where I keep all my content and Apps. Doing that also keeps the C: drive pretty clean.

      Good luck with whatever OS you are using. Hope this helps.

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      Ultimately though, should all that really be necessary on a already clean install of Windows 10?
      I understand that there is only 32gb drive in the Byte plus but you must admit that
      there are some major flaws in an OS that takes up that much room.

      I’ll stick with Linux. The updates are leaner and quicker to install, viruses are a minimal concern and
      I still have over 10 GB left after installing ALL the software I required.

      Yes, I did run into an issue with HDMI sound but I resolved with a small set of speaker for sound.

      Issues resolved.

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