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      I found that my ethernet connection suddenly disappeared on my Byte Plus. Upon further experimentation with multiple network cables and situations, I found that the culprit was inserting a micro SD card. Whenever an SD card is present, the ethernet port stops working altogether (even the indicator lights on the back stop working). If I boot up with a card in the slot, no ethernet. If I boot up without a card, I have wired networking functionality…until I insert an SD card, at which point I lose my ethernet connectivity again.

      It appears that an SD card does not prevent WiFi from working, but the ethernet port is entirely disabled. Is this a known problem? Or a hardware or firmware issue with my device? I just got this device two days ago (a used unit, purchased directly from Azulle), so it is possible I have a faulty unit…but I’ve seen a couple of other posts about ethernet problems and SD card problems, so I wonder if there is a firmware (or hardware) issue.

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      Azulle Support Team

      Hello orders,

      Welcome to the Azulle forums. We are very sorry for the inconvenience that you are experiencing with the device. We can assure you that that is not the proper behavior and we believe that you have a defective unit. Please reach out to us immediately so that our technicians could go over all the details to this issue and provide you the absolute best solution. You can contact us directly via email:”> or via phone: 786 233 6769 ext.1. We’re available mon-fri 9am – 5pm eastern time.

      Best regards

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