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      jason savitz

      New byte plus 4gb arrived today, was working great out of the box. I applied the firmware update listed here it appeared to be successful, automatically shutdown, and it will no longer boot.

      I’ve been through all of the remove power, hit button 45 seconds, etc procedures here on the forums but it will not post, you can get the light to go blue/red, but other than that it’s just an expensive paperweight.

      Support, what’s the deal from here? Please publicly tell me what the procedure to resolve this is, I do not wish to bury your customers pain behind an email address, just in case others wish to know the products pain points prior to buying during this holiday season 🙂

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      jason savitz
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      Azulle Support Team

      Hello Jason,

      As per our conversation. We are really sorry for this inconvenience and we thank you for your feedback. I have run the BIOS update in several of our units and all of them seem to be fine however we are opening a case on this to avoid future issues.

      Also for future readers we would like to mention that as per now all our units come with the latest BIOS available (the same from our FTP) so there is NOT need to update it.

      Please reach out to us at”> with the information required so we can assist you with the best possible solution.

      Thank you,

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      jason savitz

      Thank you for clarifying for future audience and assisting with my request.

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