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      My Byte 3 has been performing fine then all of a sudden it keeps freezing. Has anyone else had similar issues? I am not sure what I can do to correct.

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      Hello David,

      I am very sorry to read that, we can try a factory restore to discard software problems, please find the instructions for the factory restore:

      1 – Download our factory restore media file from our FTP:
      2 – Prepare a USB drive, has to be formatted as NTFS and named WINPE
      3 – Decompress the restore file and copy all files inside the new folder to the root of the USB drive.
      4 – Insert the USB on one of the ports, and boot from it. In order to do that start tapping the DEL key as soon as you turn on the device. Once in the BIOS (the blueish screen) move to the last tab Save & Exit and override the boot selecting your USB.
      5 – Wait that the process finish, reboot the computer and you will be received with the new Windows

      You can watch this video from the Factory restore for the Quantum units (the main difference with them is that they use FAT32, you need to use NTFS) as a visual idea:

      Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

      Best regards,

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      Stuck in a Deep Freeze

      My Byte3 was running great for over a year and then on Dec 6, 2018, it would “freeze up”, seven minutes after start-up.
      I booted to the BIOS and “Safe Mode” with no freezing, so I suspected the problem was a faulty Windows 10 driver and/or Update.
      I waited a week and received a Microsoft Update which fixed the problem.
      Right afterward, I Disabled the “Windows Update” Service to avoid any future hazards.
      Unfortunately, upon a few reboots, the service automatically Enables itself again. UGH!
      Soon after, Update KB4470502 failed to install (and others) and now the unit freezes up again.
      So, either I install a different OS or wait for Microsoft to release me from the Deep Freeze.
      (Clearly, their Update testing does not include Byte3 hardware. )

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      Azulle Support Team

      Hello Stuck in a Deep Freeze,

      Welcome to the Azulle forums. The Windows Updates tends to be very problematic, I suggest you to either reinstall the OS doing a factory restore, using the procedure describe it above or doing a complete regular Windows re-installation:

      Let us know if you need further assistance,

      Best regards

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