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      So, we purchased a dozen of the Quantum Access sticks for a project and are looking to deploy them fairly quickly.

      When deploying PCs en masse, we use Macrium Reflect to boot off of a UEFI USB boot disk, image the hardware to an external drive, then later apply that image from the external drive to the next PC of the same model, using the same boot process.

      So, I know our boot disk works (formatted correctly, utilizing UEFI booting), as I am deploying other hardware the same way, but unrelated to QA sticks.

      I’m having a problem getting the QA sticks to actually BOOT to the Reflect USB disk. Getting to the boot menu (F7) is easy and it sees the Reflect disk as a UEFI bootable disk, the same if you go into the BIOS and select the boot bypass to boot to the Reflect disk. But when you make the selection to boot from the Reflect device, the screen flashes and then boots into Windows as normal.

      My question is, what do I have to change in the BIOS for it to continue the boot process? I’ve connected the drive through a USB KVM station we use for imaging, also connected directly to the QA device, and I can’t get it to boot. I know it’s not a Macrium thing because it works for Zotac boxes, PCs and even Apple devices. It’s just refusing to work with the QA devices.

      Considering the hardware limitations (not a complaint here about the QAs because we ordered these as low-spec on purpose), I would not like to have to take weeks to manually install and update software on the devices when I know it could be only a couple days overall when done with the imaging software.

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      Azulle Support Team

      Hello mhammond,

      Thank you for using our forums. There are 2 reasons why you couldn’t boot from that USB:

      – Our devices are only UEFI/GPT compatible meaning that they don’t support Legacy BIOS boot.
      – The Quantum devices use a 32 bits compiled shell for the BIOS, meaning that a 64 bits bootloader can’t be used to boot from a USB.

      The easy solution is to install Macrium in one of the devices and create a rescue media in the 32 bits OS, that would guarantee that the USB can boot in those particular devices.

      Let us know if you have further questions or concerns.

      Best regards

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