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    I have two of the Azulle Quantum Access Lan version.

    They are neat little computers and would serve well for an application that I have for them.

    The issue is that they lose lan connectivity. Both do it, and I have upgraded the drivers on both of them, and upgraded windows also trying to solve the issue. Both behave exactly the same way.

    The application that I am using them for is the collection and display of data in real time from a transducer (Radar array). The data comes in via Ethernet from the Radar.

    The issue is something with the Access Lan units, as I also have a Byte Plus and it works great, as do a stack of laptops taller than most people (We currently use laptops for our product, but would rather be able the use the Azulle Quantum Access Lan Stick Computers).

    The lan is randomly reset between 1 and 28 seconds after the data stream starts. The program detects the Reset, and resets the array, resulting in data loss and a warm up time for the array being instituted, 70 Seconds, which is basically an eternity.

    We have also eliminated any sleep functions for the LAN port, and any power saving settings that we can find.

    The Byte Plus works out of the box for the system.

    Anyone got any ideas? I know that the lan on this is a lan adapter after the USB 2.0 Hub inside the computer. The issue could be data overwhelm with the 2.0 USB?

    Also we are using a Logitech K400r keyboard on both units in testing. I am wondering if the wireless keyboard dongle could be drawing too much power and forcing a reset for the Lan system which is on the same internal hub?


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    Did you try a self powered USB hub? the built in port has extremely limited power output

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