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      It is essential that I use the Azulle Access Plus with a Wi-Fi connection (not a Wired connection) for a Linux distribution. I have successfully installed the following:
      UbuntuPlus.iso []
      Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
      Ubuntu 17.04
      Xubuntu 17.10
      Lubuntu 17.10

      However, in every case I have be unable to setup the Wi-Fi connection. Please can you provide me with the website address to download the necessary Wi-Fi Linux drivers for the Azulle Access Plus.

      I thank you in anticipation of your assistance.

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      Azulle Support Team


      Thank you for using our forums. The driver for the Wi-Fi on the Plus devices can be found here:

      However I would recommend you to use the newest version of the kernel: 4.12. It already comes with several patches to work with the hardware used in our units.

      Best regards.

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