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      Hello, I’m hoping for some clarification of the Autorun/Poweron functionality for my Quantum Byte computer.

      I purchased my Quantum Byte mini-PC several years ago, and the serial # is < 2015085001. I take this to mean that I do not have the jumper switch.

      My original BIOS was 1.1. I updated it to 1.3.

      I searched but could not find any listing to turn on the auto-poweron capability under the places listed on the forum. This included OS/BOM or Southbridge, though I think the Southbridge was for later models.

      However, am I correct in that the computer is now already set to auto-poweron? I did try just plugging in the power, it did auto power on.

      If this is all correct, how do I deactivate the auto-power on?

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      Azulle Support Team

      Hello qb1,

      Thank you for using the Azulle forums. Please refer to this video for the steps of how to update BIOS:

      For that, use this BIOS File:

      Here are the steps: you can update the Quantum device for Power On Power loss via a bios update. Please use the bios provided to reflash your Quantum device. This feature will be located in the BIOS -> Advanced -> OS/BOM Configuration -> Select Auto Power on or manual power.

      Best regards.

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      Thank you. That new BIOS version was what I needed to load.

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