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      I am unable to upgrade. Require reset just sleeps the unit. A number of power off-on cycles required to wake and update not installed.

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      Azulle Support Team

      Hello ksander,

      Thank you for using the Azulle Forums. If you having issues with the Updates I will recommend you to check this Windows tool troubleshooter, it might provide you a better idea of what is failing in the process:

      Do not hesitate to contact us directly if you need further assistance. You can reach us at”> or at 786 233 6769, we’re available mon-fri 9am – 10pm eastern time.

      Best regards

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      After some frustration getting this update to work here is how I got it done. I am now running Windows 10 version 1709 build 16299.125 on my Byte and it actually performs very well.

      Start with a fresh install because you never know how messed up the system files have become. This process serves two purposes – make sure you’ve got a good base install and since having enough free hard drive space is critical, cleans out any excess junk. You will have to reload any applications you had previously set up, but we will need all of the disk space in order to successfully complete the update. Once the process is done be sure to follow the Disk Cleanup step, then you can reinstall the applications.

      Start by making sure your BIOS is up to date, then use DISKPART to wipe/clean all of the partitions on the internal hard disk. Once you have a clean internal drive install the image file from the Quantum Byte support page. This should give you a working Windows 10 installation. Use Windows Update multiple times to eventually update to the current version. I tried, but was NOT successful using the Windows Update utility on Microsoft’s web page. This will take the better part of a day to complete and will have to be rebooted/restarted several times so you will have to babysit it or check back on it periodically.

      When I finished with the update process I only had about 4 Gb of free space on drive C. You can use Disk Cleanup (in Windows Explorer right click on C:, select properties. In the General tab, open Disk Cleanup and select everything you don’t need (I selected everything) on the first selection window to remove from the hard drive. Usually you will get a second window that will allow you to select additional items including your “old” Windows OS (which is the one installed by the image file in the above paragraph, it became “old” when you upgraded to the latest version of Windows 10). Once all the extra/excess stuff was cleaned out I had about 15Gb of free space, essentially half of the drive space. Then I created a restore point because, after all that, I wanted to be able to recover if I ran into a problem from this point forward.

      Hopefully this works for you. Good luck!

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      Azulle Support Team

      Hello Ben,

      Thank you for sharing your experience. This feedback is very helpful, we appreciate that you took the time to post it here.

      Best regards.

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      Update for my (now pretty OLD) Byte,

      I have now successfully installed/updated to Windows 10 1809 build 17753.348 and am running on it now as I type this. This was a pretty painless update. The best way I found to do the update is run use the “Update Now” button at and just let it do it’s thing..

      BUT…..If you decide to do this please make sure you have enough C: drive space available before you start. I recommend 9-10Gb because you need to have enough space to download the new files then migrate from and store the old Windows files. Don’t forget to remove the clean the C: drive and remove the “old” Windows installation to as described in my previous post once you are comfortable with your update. Once I cleaned my drive after the update I was back to about 14Gb of free space on C:.

      Good luck!


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