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      I’m trying to troubleshoot why the Access3 is so sensitive to some types of power input. My Access3 is the Win10, 4G/32GB, N3450 model.

      The symptoms are:
      – The Access3 will boot to the Windows login screen, then will get some graphical artifacting (a small ribbon across the login screen) and Windows will hang up. Hard reboot required (remove power cable)
      – At the Azulle splash screen – the spinning dots will hang, resulting in a frozen splash screen or black screen. Hard reboot required.

      I’ve tested several power input methods (AC wall adapters, battery packs) of varying brands, quality and outputs however my use case it to use the Access3 on a USB battery pack (while camping). Battery pack has an output of 5v @ 3.1A. Tried several AC (240v/50Hz) wall chargers and noted some work, some don’t. The micro USB cables are short 24AWG as I noted 28AWG cables had much worse results. I suspect it’s a power input issue as the known good AC power supplies provide reliable user experience. The Access3 also works when running off a smaller capacity battery pack which I’ve been using as a kind of UPS/power filter with the larger battery pack ‘floating’ the smaller battery pack – this isn’t an ideal solution.

      I’ve reimaged the Access3 with the Windows 10 image from the the support section – no change.

      This is a big issue for and I’m hitting a wall on how else to a reliable Access3. Any thoughts?

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      Victor Genao

      Just to confirm, the original PSU provides adequate power and the unit is able to function properly?

      If so, we have to assume that every issue is predicated on the fact that the original PSU is not being used.

      What kind of equipment are you using to measure the power/line quality going to the device from your battery packs/alternate power sources?

      It sounds to me like the smaller battery pack provides a better/more stable current, and the solution is as you suggested, the larger pack needs to be filtered.

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