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      This Azulle Access3 stick works great except for one thing, it is stuck asking me to upgrade to Win10 1903 which I would like to do but Windows does not find enough space on the internal drive C to install. I have an SSD card working ok and I have deleted about all I could, no more user files or close to 0 and I am still missing a bit more than 1G on C.

      How do we upgrade these costly little stick to 1903 ? Do we have to install a new image ? If yes how ?

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      I “second” this post! In my case, MS Office 365 is probably the biggest hog on c: space…

      Looking forward to Azulle feedback on this…

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        I even uninstalled MS Office. First time when I was trying to update to 1903 – it said it requires at least 8 GB. So tried even to do a disk cleanup. Then it showed the 8 GB was available and it continued with the update. Then at the end of it all – it reported ‘failed to update’. Now I try again, it shows only 4 GB space available.
        I do a diskcleanup but there is nothing there that can be freed. As always I am sure this is the stupid Microsoft that has never perfected software updates even after decades in business. There is an extra 32GB of SD card in the stick – so why the heck, Microsoft can’t use it perform the update. Moreover, this is a tiny little stick struggling with this major update.
        The final option now left with me is (Since I can’t use the PC without any MS Office) – I decided to reset the PC. At around 60% or so in the process, it reports failed to restore. At this point, I am totally going crazy.

        Now the only option is for me to get it back to its original state – to gain the space. I need some advice as to how to go about doing this on my Azzule Access Plus (this is my actual model: Azulle A-1063-AAP-1 Access Plus, Fan less Mini PC Stick, Cherry Trail T3 Z8300, 4GB RAM+32GB storage)

        I wrote an email to Azulle support – hope they will respond.


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        Victor Genao

        At this time it is not recommended to update the Access Plus to Windows 10 1903, as the update will break some drivers. Until Intel has updated these drivers it is recommended to stay on 1809. I would suggest using a tool such as: to control update installations.

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      Victor Genao


      We do have a factory restore image that will update the units to 1903.

      1 – Download our factory restore media file from our FTP:

      2 – Prepare a USB drive, has to be formatted as NTFS and named WINPE
      3 – Decompress the restore file and copy all files inside the new folder to the root of the USB drive.
      4 – Insert the USB on one of the ports, and boot from it. In order to do that start tapping the DEL key as soon as you turn on the device. Once in the BIOS (the blueish screen) move to the last tab Save & Exit and override the boot selecting your USB.
      5 – Wait that the process finish, reboot the computer and you will be received with the new Windows

      You can watch this video from the Factory restore for the Quantum units as a visual idea: — Note the video says FAT32, however for this image we must use NTFS.

      Also please be aware that this process will wipe out your hard drive, make sure that you have your system backed up if you want to keep your files.

      Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concern.

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