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The Lynk is the ultimate remote control, with its 5-in-1 design that combines the function of a full Windows keyboard, wireless mouse, remote control, swivel wheel and microphone. The duo-faced remote is integrated with the latest infrared AI technology, allowing the Lynk to learn the functions of most remotes for universal compatibility with computers, streaming media devices, gaming consoles and televisions. Pair the Lynk with your Windows Computer, Android TV Set-Top Box, XBOX One, PS4, and more to rid of the need for multiple remote controllers. With the 6-axis technology, users can easily upgrade from a desktop mouse into a handheld pointing device for smooth mobility at just the wave of a hand. Quickly and effortlessly type and search with the backlit QWERTY keyboard. Additionally, the Lynk internal microphone provides clear audio chat input through its speech recognition software, allowing for Skype and Google Hangout conversations with friends, family or colleagues as well as voice command over digital assistants such as Cortana and Google Search by Voice. Web-browsing, device navigation, movie searching, and chatting is now easier than ever with the Lynk Multi-functional Remote Control.

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Communication Made Easy

Lynk to your business like never before. Use the Lynk remote to effortlessly navigate through your powerpoints from the wave of your hand for more engaging and well-controlled presentations. You can also take advantage of the Lynk’s built in microphone to audibly connect to clients abroad during video conferences.

Universal Compatibility

Ditch all your old remotes! The Lynk’s 5-in-1 design and integrated AI technology gives you all the usability and compatibility you need to optimally control your computer, streaming media devices, gaming consoles, and TV all from one sleek device.

Take Control

TV navigating has never been easier. With the Lynk QWERTY keyboard, you can quickly search-type movie and show titles in your favorite apps, surf the web, and more. Spend less time searching and more time entertained!

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Dimensions 6.5 × 8 × 2 in

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Compatibility – The Lynk Multi-Functional Remote Control has universal compatibility with televisions, computers and media streaming devices like Android TV Set-Top Boxes, XBOX One, PS4 and more. For example, you may connect via Skype or Google Hangout apps on any operating system to link up with friends, family, or colleagues.

Reliable – The Lynk is recognized for its smooth Gyroscope technology featured with its 2.4 GHz processor for fast connection. It is complete with a backlit QWERTY keyboard and 3D motion sense handgrip for easy web browsing, media streaming, and creating physically-engaged gaming experiences.

Multi-Purpose – The Lynk comes as a 5 in 1 device, where you can take advantage of a keyboard, wireless mouse, remote control, swivel wheel, microphone, and speech recognition software. Use the Lynk to connect anywhere within your home or office.

Illuminated keys – Looking to browse the web or search for a movie in the dark? The Lynk features a front and back lit keyboard making it super convenient to type and view the keys as you sit on your couch and surf the web.

2.4G Radio Frequency
Stay connected up to 25 feet away
QWERTY Keyboard Layout
Up to 100,000 keystrokes
USB Receiver included
Windows 7/8.1/10/Linux/Android Supported

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