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Lynk Multi-functional Remote Control


The Lynk is the ultimate remote control, with its 5-in-1 design that combines the function of a full Windows keyboard, wireless mouse, remote control, swivel wheel and microphone. The duo-faced remote is integrated with the latest infrared AI technology, allowing the Lynk to learn the functions of most remotes for universal compatibility with computers, streaming media devices, gaming consoles and televisions. Pair the Lynk with your Windows Computer, Android TV Set-Top Box, XBOX One, PS4, and more to rid of the need for multiple remote controllers. With the 6-axis technology, users can easily upgrade from a desktop mouse into a handheld pointing device for smooth mobility at just the wave of a hand. Quickly and effortlessly type and search with the backlit QWERTY keyboard. Additionally, the Lynk internal microphone provides clear audio chat input through its speech recognition software, allowing for Skype and Google Hangout conversations with friends, family or colleagues as well as voice command over digital assistants such as Cortana and Google Search by Voice. Web-browsing, device navigation, movie searching, and chatting is now easier than ever with the Lynk Multi-functional Remote Control.

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Communication Made Easy

Lynk to your business like never before. Use the Lynk remote to effortlessly navigate through your powerpoints from the wave of your hand for more engaging and well-controlled presentations. You can also take advantage of the Lynk’s built in microphone to audibly connect to clients abroad during video conferences.

Universal Compatibility

Ditch all your old remotes! The Lynk’s 5-in-1 design and integrated AI technology gives you all the usability and compatibility you need to optimally control your computer, streaming media devices, gaming consoles, and TV all from one sleek device.

Take Control

TV navigating has never been easier. With the Lynk QWERTY keyboard, you can quickly search-type movie and show titles in your favorite apps, surf the web, and more. Spend less time searching and more time entertained!

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Weight0.37 oz
Dimensions6.5 × 8 × 2 in

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Compatibility – The Lynk Multi-Functional Remote Control has universal compatibility with televisions, computers and media streaming devices like Android TV Set-Top Boxes, XBOX One, PS4 and more. For example, you may connect via Skype or Google Hangout apps on any operating system to link up with friends, family, or colleagues.

Reliable – The Lynk is recognized for its smooth Gyroscope technology featured with its 2.4 GHz processor for fast connection. It is complete with a backlit QWERTY keyboard and 3D motion sense handgrip for easy web browsing, media streaming, and creating physically-engaged gaming experiences.

Multi-Purpose – The Lynk comes as a 5 in 1 device, where you can take advantage of a keyboard, wireless mouse, remote control, swivel wheel, microphone, and speech recognition software. Use the Lynk to connect anywhere within your home or office.

Illuminated keys – Looking to browse the web or search for a movie in the dark? The Lynk features a front and back lit keyboard making it super convenient to type and view the keys as you sit on your couch and surf the web.

2.4G Radio Frequency
Stay connected up to 25 feet away
QWERTY Keyboard Layout
Up to 100,000 keystrokes
USB Receiver included
Windows 7/8.1/10/Linux/Android Supported

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1 review for Lynk Multi-functional Remote Control


    I posted this review on the XDA Developers website, so you may see some references to other remotes that were discussed earlier in that thread. That thread is dedicated to reviewing third party remote controls with Voice Control that may work with the Nvidia Shield media box. If you are interested in reading that thread please search for “Third Party Remotes with Voice Control” on the XDA Developers website.

    Review below:
    1. Functionality – most everything works; all buttons on the front of the remote work with the Shield except for the menu, keyboard and Home buttons (a easy fix is possible for the Home button, more on that later)

    2. Range – I get good functionality with this remote sitting back about 10′ on my couch from the Shield

    3. Voice Control – works well. The “Mic” button acts as a mic on/off button. You will need to hold the button to turn the mic on. Releasing the button turns the mic off. The “Windows” button turns on Google Assistant. The mic has decent sensitivity. The mic pics up your voice volume well if you hold it about a foot away from your face. Sensitivity not as good as the Q5, RC02F and G10, but not bad. I tested this using a voice recorder app which shows sound levels when testing.

    4. Air mouse – has a on/off button (the “Mouse on/off” button). You need to press it to turn it on, but pressing any of the Navigation keys automatically turns the air mouse off and returns the remote to normal status (i.e. you cannot use both at the same time). All buttons (except for the Navigation keys) continue to function while in air mouse mode. The responsiveness is as good as any other air mouse that I have used @ 10′. Air mouse seems to be more responsive the further back you are.

    5. Button placement – is okay. The buttons are spread well across the remote and as mentioned above, almost all work with the Shield. Since they are raised from the remote’s bezel, they are easy to find when “searching.” It would have been nice if the mic button was larger (like on the Q5) and colored to separate it from the other buttons. I would have liked to see the Home Button and the Back button (or “Mouse Right Click” button) next to each other. I like how the back light button is located on the side of the remote but would rather it have been located on both the left and right side of the remote (I’m left handed so this would have made the remote ambidextrous). I also would have liked to see number buttons available on the keyboard side rather than Function buttons (which are useless for the Shield).

    6. Using the buttons – the buttons do make a slight clicky sound (not as loud as the AirFly) when pressing and there’s a LED light that shows up every time you press a button which is good for visual feedback. The keyboard works better than the AirFly, but as some video reviews indicate you do need to press down firmly on each key to get it to register. Therefore, this remote would be unpleasant to type with for extended periods (as most remote keyboards are).

    7. Form/Ergonomics it’s smaller than the AirFly, but larger than the Q5/RC02F. It’s rectangular in shape and chunky (which I like). It has good weight/heft to it. It feels good in the hand and I can get to all the buttons rather easily. Keyboard buttons are spaced apart appropriately for typing. From an ergonomics standpoint, I think this is my favorite remote. Due to the heft, this remote seems to be built well. I also think this is the highest build quality remote that I have used.

    8. Home Button – as mentioned above, the Home button does not work out of the box with the Shield. To get the Home button to work, I downloaded the “Button Mapper” app onto the Shield using the Aptoide Store app. You can then select “Add New Button”, press the “Home” button on the remote and then customize it for single press (which I choose the “Home” command) and double press (I choose “Recent Apps”). Contrary to what was noted above, you can open the Recent Apps menu on the Shield by double clicking the Home button if you use the Button Mapper app to program this button. You do not need to have the Button Mapper app on after programming it. In fact, I have completely shut down the Shield and restarted it and the remote has still retained the learning of the Home button.

    9 . IR Learning – all keys can be learned. A video discussing how to “teach” this remote other remote commands is found on YT (search for “Azulle Lynk – How to switch between IR remote control and 2.4GHZ air mouse”). Unlike the instructions noted in the video, I only needed to press the TV remote key just once when teaching the remote to learn. Using the instructions noted in the video mentioned above, I programmed in the TV’s power button (assigned to the A. I Power Button) and the TV’s volume keys without issue. Like other remotes, you will need to press a button to switch the remote from RF mode to IR mode (on this remote it’s the “A. I. Learn” button) which when done will turn off all RF commands for the remote. It would have been nice if the LED light on the remote turned a different color when the remote was in IR mode vs. RF mode.

    10. Back light functionality – Works well. All buttons show up uniformly. Pressing the back lite button will only turn on one side of the remote (whichever you have facing you). Doing so will keep the back light on for about 10 seconds. I would have liked the lumens to be a little higher for the back light (since the remote’s keys light up a soft blue color), but for the most part I am happy with it’s back light capability and the ease to turn it on and off..

    11. Price & Availability – is decent. You can get this remote shipped (in the US) for $30 and have it in about a week directly from Azulle (via this amazon). At the time of this review, Amazon also has refurb Azulle remotes available ATM for $8 (which I bought). When I received the refurb it looked brand new with cellophane wrap still covering the packaging box. Due to it’s availability on Amazon (at least in the States), the availability for this remote is high, but due to its price (if you pay full retail) it is one of the more expensive remotes I have tested (check out the azulle tech webpage). Moreover, this remote seems to be made by a reputable company (unlike many of the other remotes which are fly-by Chinese companies that rebrand remotes over and over again). Finally, due to the quality of the manufacturer, there is a high probability that you will get good customer service and warranty support if you ever need it.

    Take home message – I think for the price (which I paid $8 shipped), this is my favorite remote. I love the size, heft, thickness and build quality. Buttons are spread nicely apart. It does everything the AirFly remote does but doesn’t have the button clutter. The air mouse responsiveness is good.

    My small grips regarding this remote would include:
    1. The Voice Control button doesn’t automatically call up Google Assistant (like the Q5 and RC02F)
    2. Would have liked the buttons to be more responsive (especially the keyboard) and clicky (the Q5 does this very well)
    3. The Home button does not work out of the box with the Shield (which can be easily remedied)
    4. There are no number buttons on the keyboard (which I think is a big oversight)
    5. You cannot access the Power Menu by long pressing the Power button. ATM I’m not sure how to get to the Power Menu using this remote, but since I rarely use the Power Menu its not a deal killer that I can’t access it).

    If a refurb is not available and you need to spend a full $30 for this remote, I’d still probably suggest it (which incidentally is the price of a replacement Shield remote). The build quality and the fact that it has a back light and IR keys sets it apart from many other third party Shield remotes that are on the market at this point. Because of this, I’d probably rate this as my #1 third party remote for the Shield ATM.

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