A Magic Wand – An Azulle Lynk Multifunctional Remote Review

Cue the Azulle Lynk remote, a remote that has a lot of multifunctional options. Designed to be used with your TV, Windows, Android, Mac OS, or Linux devices, the Azulle Lynk remote may just be the only remote you will ever need.

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October 2018

The power of a Windows PC at the palm of your hands – Azulle Access3 Mini PC Stick Review

Azulle Access3 Mini PC Stick Review – Mini PC sticks, they call it. It’s practically like a giant USB flash drive that contains the whole operating system, or a fully functional PC at the palm of your hands. It’s definitely an interesting concept where you can carry the power of a PC into your pockets and plug it to any monitor or TV while you are not at home or at work.

But how useful is it? Will you be carrying and using this instead of a laptop? What sort of performance would you expect and can it really run things? Read More


December 2017

Azulle Inspire Powerful Fanless Mini PC Review

Compact PC manufacturer Azulle has allowed us to test out their new Azulle Inspire mini PC this week, which comes in the form of a powerful, fanless, desktop barebones mini PC system. Designed by Azulle to offer considerably more performance than the Azulle Byte 3, detailed in our previous review, providing a reliable desktop PC perfect for business or home entertainment applications. Read More

Byte Size Computing – An Azulle Byte3 Mini Desktop PC

Somewhat alone in this market, Azulle Tech is a technology computing company which has, stimulatingly, built itself up on mini computing. From my recent review on their Byte Plus Mini Desktop PC to Azulle’s HDMI stick mobile computer, Azulle Tech has some interesting utensils for everyday computing needs. Read More

Azulle Byte 3 review

We have looked at several products from Azulle previously and have more to look forward to in the future. Today we’re looking at their latest offering for their mini desktops the Byte3. The previous generation was a good system however it had some pain points in regard especially regarding expandability. The new Byte3 brings a step forward on almost every front so lets dig in! Read More

November 2017


Azulle Byte 3 Mini PC Review – Windows 10 Pro – Review

This is the second mini PC I have reviewed from Azulle. The Azulle Byte 3 Mini PC running Windows 10 Pro is the absolute perfect media PC that will play 4k Video at 60 frames per second. One thing to keep in mind with these Mini PC’s they will do everything a regular desktop or laptop can do. The only real limitations are that you’re not running a high-end processor and by default, you do not get much storage with this device. I added a 256gb SSD drive that I installed in the devices available mount as it comes with 32gb of onboard storage which you will eat up pretty quick depending on what your install.

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The Azulle Byte3 Mini PC Proves That Good Things Come In Small Packages

Back in the day, I had this bulky, awkward computer in my living room that I used to stream movies and other content onto my big-screen TV. And while it worked great, it really ruined the aesthetics of the room.

Thankfully, computers have come a long way since then, getting smaller and more powerful over the years. A perfect case in point is the sleek and lean Azulle Byte3 Fanless Mini PC, which is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet powerful enough to tackle anything you throw its way.

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Azulle Access Plus Review

The Azulle Access Plus is a good follow up from the strong showing of the byte plus, packing the same SOC inside a smaller package, it’s still a very well balanced mini pc. Powered by a midrange Atom x5-Z8300 it should still prove up to common tasks even with it’s reduced size. I was sent is an upscale model with 4gb lpddr3, Something that I think is a necessity for any type of multitasking in this day and age of memory gobbling browsers. But is overkill for two of the more attractive use cases for the stick like form factor that the access plus inhabits(but a little extra ram never hurts)

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October 2017

Byte3 Azulle’s latest Desktop Mini PC

Azulle, the U.S. based Mini PC manufacturer releases the Byte3 mini pc desktop. Azulle Mini Desktop PCs are already known for replacing bulky, awkward computer towers with small, fast and affordable technology – and without sacrificing multi-purpose usability. The sleek and lean Byte 3 takes this concept to a whole new level!

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Review: Azulle Byte3 Mini Desktop PC with Windows 10

Now, Azulle is back with their new Byte3 Mini Desktop PC and it better than ever. Perfect for those looking to fill a small footprint vs having to find a place to store a full-size PC tower without it being an eyesore. The Byte3 fits perfectly into environment as it looks like nothing more than an addition to your home entertainment equipment.

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Byte3 Review Mini PC for Cord Cutters

There are a number of cool devices for your TV that can give you access to apps. In the end no matter how nice looking they are or what OS they are running on they are essentially low-cost computers designed around streaming options. But some people miss the days of the full HTPC (Home Theater PC) which helped launch the streaming craze years ago. The problem is that old-fashioned HTPC’s can take up a lot of room and no longer fit in with the modern TV media look and feel. Azulle, which makes mini Windows PC’s has sought to be a solution to that issue and I think they really nailed it with the new Byte3, a quad-core mini PC that comes in two varieties one with 4 GB of RAM and the pro with 8 GB of RAM.

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April 2017

Enjoy On-The-Go Computing With The Azulle Access Plus PC Stick

Technology company Azulle recently sent us one of their Azulle Access Plus Fanless Mini PC Stick to test out, and we absolutely loved it. Here’s everything you need to know about this marvel of modern engineering.

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January 2016

Itty Bitty Computing – An Azulle Byte Plus Mini Desktop PC Review

Enter, Azulle’s Byte Plus mini PC. With a surface area about the same size of my hand, consumers can have a full Windows-based computer on their desk and not even notice it. Using an Intel CPU, 4GB of memory, and a fair amount of rear-facing I/O, the Azulle Byte Plus may just be an option for you on a new computer.

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The Go-Anywhere Do-Anything PC – An Azulle Tech Inspire Mini PC Review

This is the third Azulle Tech mini PC that I have reviewed, but this one is special. The first two computers were living room machines that were good for internet browsing and normal computer needs. Today, we have a barebones unit that can do full-blown gaming.

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