Conquer the Streaming Wars: Azulle Mini PCs Stream It All

It’s time to cut the cord and go mini. Free yourself from cable and immerse yourself in high quality 4K streaming. Our mini PCs allow you to bypass the restrictions of other streaming devices and find a variety of apps for everyone in the house. Have access to all the popular streaming services like Netflix, [...]

Get in the Game: Build Your Ideal Mini PC Gaming Setup

Want to get in to gaming with our mini PCs. Get in to cloud gaming and play the latest games like Titan Fall, Red Dead Redemption and Destiny. Check out our previous blog on the best cloud gaming services to get in the game. But don’t worry, you can get the full gaming experience with […]

How to Build The Perfect Home Entertainment Center

Upgrade Your Home Entertainment for the Holidays The holiday season is here and it's time to gather your loved ones for some holiday fun. Celebrate the holidays with the perfect home entertainment center the whole family can enjoy. Find a variety of entertainment apps to stream your favorite movies and shows, or get in to the [...]

Build A Retro Gaming Arcade

With this retro gaming guide and a little help from an emulator (EMU), you can download ROMS right on your Azulle Mini PC and turn it into a retro arcade for Atari, Nintendo and Sega Genesis. If you’re new to emulation, emulating is the process of simulating the software of one machine on another. Using [...]

Game in the Cloud: 5 Best Cloud Gaming Providers

Cloud gaming is still a new concept and is not fully fledged out so most platforms are still in beta mode. But the market and technology are growing rapidly and will be accessible to everyone and most devices. This new pique in interest has even caught the attention of larger companies like Microsoft, Apple, and [...]

Level Up Your PC Game: How to Get Started with Cloud Gaming

Take your gaming to new heights and play on the cloud. Transform your mini PC to a high-end gaming computer with cloud gaming. No need to worry about what gaming hardware to get, cloud gaming allows you connect to server via internet and stream any games you’d like. Never have to waste time downloading or […]

Fall Back Into Streaming: Your Fall 2019 TV Guide

Fall is coming and it's time to cozy up and put your favorite sweater on for a season full of streaming. Find out when your favorite shows are returning and which new series to look out for. Just plug in your Azulle Mini PC to your TV and start streaming. American Horror Story: 1984, Season [...]

New Season, New Shows: Summer 2019 TV Guide

Time to get out of the Game of Thrones blues and get ready for new seasons and shows coming this summer. We know which of your favorites are coming back  and which will soon become your favorites.  After having fun in the sun plug in your Azulle Mini PC to your TV and stream what's [...]

New Shows in Blossom: Your Spring 2019 TV Guide

Spring is here, and new seasons are blooming. New shows will be emerging and new episodes are arriving. See which shows are worth watching and which seasons are coming to an end. Plug in your Azulle mini PC and start streaming. MasterChef Junior Premiering at 8 p.m on Fox – Tuesday, March 12. Stream it […]

New & Returning Shows: Your Winter 2019 TV Guide

During the holiday season, shows go on hiatus and Christmas movies flood our screens.  Now that the New Year is finally here, shows are beginning, returning, and ending. But don’t worry, we have the scoop on what’s coming, when they’re coming and which is binge worthy. All you need to do is connect your Byte3 […]