Windows Mini PC manufacturer, Azulle has donated 25 Quantum View Windows Tablets to Educate Tomorrow, a Non-Profit organization based out of Miami, Fl.  Educate Tomorrow will be utilizing the Tablets for various purposes. For the summer program, the students worked with the tablets to learn coding while some of the staff members used the tablets to conduct on-site and off-site training.

Furthermore, the tablets are being used as incentives for the Educate Tomorrow app rewards program. As the students develop clear and achievable goals, they receive points as goals and steps are achieved. They can then cash in their points for rewards and prizes.  The tablet is currently the highest point valued prize in the reward store and our youth are working hard to get it as a reward!”

More About Educate Tomorrow

Educate Tomorrow is non-profit organization whose primary mission is to provide one-on-one educational mentors to foster care children that are turning 18 and “aging out” of the system.  Every year hundreds of foster care children “age out” of the system and are expected to blend in to society as adults.  Although the State provides them with financial aid for continuing education, many of them lack the necessary skills, guidance and information needed to take advantage of these programs.  Educate Tomorrow is comprised of volunteers in the community who are willing to mentor and guide these young adults and assist them in the process of completing high school and applying for college or technical school.  Educate Tomorrow believes that education is the catalyst that will help these young adults reach their greatest potential, gain independence and become a positive part of the community.

More about Azulle

Azulle is a US-based technology company, which strives to bring innovative and affordable technology to families and businesses.

What began as a small team creating a single product is now a line of highly rated mini PCs, tablets, and one of the smallest Windows® computer: The Quantum Access. With thousands of happy customers since its inception, we are excited to make you a part of the Azulle Tech family.